Get the best from your .au domain

Written on 19 July, 2022 by Melissa Toh

Get the Best From Your .au Domain We already know that there are some great advantages with a .au domain. They’re short, easy to remember and proudly Australian.   What you may not know is that with some careful planning, you can make your .au work hard to boost your digital performance. Our own digital marketing experts... Read more
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the case study webcentral .au

Written on 04 July, 2022 by Jay Salter

Your Steps to Success with a .AU: A Webcentral Case Study As a business owner in Australia, you may already be aware of the new top-level-domain known as .au direct. Released back in late March, the .au direct allows you to choose a domain name with only the country code. Now, there’s no need to select between or if... Read more
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Written on 27 June, 2022 by Jay Salter

Protect Your Brand with .AU .au Domain Administration Limited has just released a new country code top-level-domain name in Australia. No longer will you be restricted to traditional and This new and shorter domain name allows you more flexibility in your domain, showing up as just:   The .au has plenty... Read more
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How to make use of domain auto-renewals

Written on 20 June, 2022 by Melissa Toh

Why Opt Into Domains Auto-Renewal for Your Business? Your domain name is the digital address for your business. It’s what your customers type in when going to your website. So it’s pretty central to your online business. Over time you will promote that address and gradually build value around it. It is an asset of your business, and... Read more
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Benefits of Premium Domain Names

Written on 01 June, 2022 by Melissa Toh

How Premium Domains Can Help Increase Traffic It makes good business sense to secure your brand or business’s online presence by registering its exact domain name. It also makes sense to flick through a premium domains list to see if there is a premium domain that could build your online performance. In this article, we will explain... Read more
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How to find out who owns a domain

Written on 30 May, 2022 by Melissa Toh

How to Purchase a Domain Name that is Taken You have a great business idea all ready to develop. It could change the world. It relies on occupying a digital space, and you have a great domain name in mind. You know it will stand out in the market. You complete your domain name search to see whether it’s available,... Read more
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Pros and Cons of a Good Domain Name

Written on 16 May, 2022 by Melissa Toh

Pros and Cons of a Good Domain Name   Selecting the right domain name for your business is key to creating a solid digital foundation for your business. Why worry whether my domain name is good?   Advantages and Disadvantages of a Good Domain Name What are the benefits of a good domain name? Tips for choosing a... Read more
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Who can own a .au direct domain

Written on 09 May, 2022 by Melissa Toh

Should I Buy a .au Domain? March 24 2022 marked the .au domain release date. Since the arrival of the new .au domain names, Australians and Aussie businesses have been learning more about the new .au domain name, what it is, and why it makes sense for Australians to undertake a .au registration.   Your Guide... Read more
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How to choose a domain name for your medical centre in Australia

Written on 29 April, 2022 by Melissa Toh

Which Domain Name to Choose for Your Medical Practice? Scrolling through potential medical domain names may seem a low priority among all the things you might need to do when setting up a practice. But it is an important decision that affects all your online and offline branding and marketing efforts down the road.   A Guide on Domain... Read more
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Written on 27 April, 2022 by Melissa Toh

Which Domain Endings Should I Buy? Your domain name serves as the headline for your online business. Like the address of an actual brick and mortar store, it’s your digital address and helps users find your online location. In layman’s terms, a domain name is what you put after the “www.” in the URL bar. For... Read more
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