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Your domain name is the first step in building your online presence. With Domain Manager you are in full control of your domain name. If you own other extensions related to your domain name like .sydney, .melbourne or, you can redirect your domains to your main webpage so you don’t lose any traffic.

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DNS redirect for email

DNS redirect for email

If you're still using a free email service, you can use Domain Manager to set up a professional email with an alias email account. Setting up an alias email account is the perfect solution for those who’ve changed their email address but don’t want to miss any emails. And for those who are tech savvy, Domain Manager provides access to add, remove and edit zone records so you have total control over your domain.

Don't lose traffic

Avoid losing valuable traffic

Recently moved your site? Own a .sydney, .melbourne,, or other extension in addition to your domain name? You don’t want to lose valuable site visitors because they entered your old URL or an inactive extension. With Domain Manager, you can perform a HTTP redirect and send your domain(s) to any website you manage.

The power is all yours

DNS Management: The power is all yours

DNS records are mapping files that determine where different elements of your domain are directed. Domain Manager gives you access to add, remove and edit DNS zone records to alter the path of these separate elements. For example, DNS management allows you to alter your MX records, giving you total control over where incoming mail to your domain is directed.

Never miss a message

Never miss a message

With Domain Manager, you can auto-forward your emails to any other email account. If you’ve recently changed your email address and need to stay in touch, simply set up an alias address. An alias address will remain active in the background, directing any emails that otherwise would have been lost straight to your new email address.

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Netregistry is now Webcentral

Even as Netregistry has rebranded, your Domain Manager functions has not changed. We will continue to improve our services and ensure your DNS management never skips a beat, and will endeavour to improve on the service from Netregistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The practice of protecting a domain portfolio against external threats and ensuring that all domain names have current registration is known as domain name management. Domain owners require access to the hosting provider and the ability to renew their registration.

No. In order to publish a website on the internet, you need to have a registered domain name. It is like buying a block of land at a street address and then building a house on it. Once the home is built you can invite guests.

The owner of a domain needs to ensure that registration is up to date, contact and owner details are current and where the name servers are delegating to. If you have multiple domain names using different TLD’s across various registrars a domain name manager can help you consolidate your domain names.

Domain name servers or DNS are what convert your domain name into an IP address. It is like a phone book of addresses that locates a web address and enables browsers to visit.

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