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Want to show you are serious about your business? Then start with a professional email address that matches your domain name. Setting up a professional email is easy and it helps you establish the best reputation for your business.

Microsoft 365 email hosting email gives you a powerful, responsive and full-featured platform so you can manage your email, contacts and calendar from anywhere, on any device. All emails are powered by Microsoft which has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you'll never miss an email again.

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Microsoft Teams is a “collaboration hub”. It is THE place where you can connect with your colleagues or customers across Australia or beyond. With Teams, you can chat, call or host web conferences from anywhere as well as edit and share documents right within the app!

  • Fully integrated with the rest of the Office suite e.g: Word, Outlook, SharePoint etc.
  • Schedule a video call straight from your Outlook calendar.
  • Host video conferences and online meetings for up to 250 people.
  • Reach out to your Australian team instantly via chat or call.
  • Share files directly from linked OneDrive cloud storage.
  • Benefit from high security and privacy standards allowing you to collaborate internally and externally safely.



OneDrive is the leading online cloud storage service allowing you to host and share files. Keep your personal documents or drafts private and accessible anywhere or share your chosen content with your Australian colleagues or customers.

  • Access your files from anywhere with any device.
  • Create and share folders with your Australian and or global team.
  • View and edit Office documents online.
  • Co-author and edit documents simultaneously while tracking changes.
  • Automatically synchronise document progress as you work (within Office suite).



SharePoint is the document sharing platform making all content accessible across various teams. It provides a digital central location for all your folders.

  • Fully integrated with the rest of the Office suite e.g: Outlook, Teams, Word, PowerPoint etc.
  • Realtime document collaboration.
  • Detailed access control - create and share folders with different teams.
  • Search function to easily source files.
  • Use an as intranet to store all your business‘ projects, tasks or reference documents.
  • Secure access with individual permission management.



Exchange is the mail and calendar server allowing you to access both these services from anywhere, anytime, on any devices.

  • Access your calendar and emails online or on desktop, phone or tablet.
  • Manage your calendar, create meetings and set up reminders.
  • Share calendar to view everyone‘s meetings.
  • Use your custom domain name to create your email address.
  • Manage your contacts and tasks.
  • Enhanced security and authentication protocol.
Productivity applications

Productivity Apps: Office 365

Productivity applications

When you subscribe to the full Office license, you always have up-to-date versions of the Microsoft must-have business tool kit apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access.

  • Type professional text documents such as business reports or brochures with Word.
  • Build spreadsheets with calculations, pivot tables and graphs with Excel.
  • Present visual slideshows with PowerPoint.
  • Manage your emails, calendar, contacts and tasks with Outlook.
  • Create on-brand marketing materials using Publisher‘ drag-and-drop interface (PC only).
  • Store and analyze large data set with Access (PC only).

Switching over is easy with Email Hosting Migration

Let us make it easy for you. We can help configure and migrate your Australian email address for you for just $.

Microsoft 365 Email Migration

$ only $ /mailbox°

° Our Email Migration service is subject to our General Terms & Conditions. We ask that you make a full backup of your email data before starting the email migration process. Support documents on how to backup your data can be found here. Finally, we remind you that as per our General Terms & Conditions, we cannot be held liable for any damages (including consequential losses) caused by data loss that may occur during the migration process – given it is your responsibility to back up your data PRIOR to the service commencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email hosting providers store all your emails and files on a server. This allows you to send, receive and store emails and their content including files.

Email migration is the process of copying all you current and old emails across to another hosting service provider such as Microsoft email 365. This includes all your contacts and calendar events.

POP and IMAP are 2 ways to synchronise emails across multiple devices. POP is post office protocol and IMAP is internet message access protocol. IMAP is the preferred method of synchronising your emails from different devices. All your emails reside on a mail server so if you were to send or delete an email the mail server will complete the task irrespective of what device you are using.

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