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We give YOU the ultimate control over your brand which is why we keep you in the loop at all stages. You will receive access to a platform where you can view, approve or edit content before anything goes live.

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Our experienced team of Social Media Managers will help to grow your social presence through a content strategy plan and social ads. From keeping up with the latest social media algorithms and strategies, to getting you results and successful conversions. Let us help you craft effective social media ads and target your ideal customers, ultimately giving you the best return on your monthly ad spend. As part of our dedicated service, we:

  • Set goals for social media activities and determine the best platforms.
  • Craft unique content and ads that engages with your ideal audience.
  • Increase your engagement and grow your platform numbers.
  • Set your advertising budget.
  • Split test your ads to determine the best message for your target audience.

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Frequently asked questions

Social media is the best way to build a personal brand for your business. It allows you to be fun, quirky and interactive. It also helps build trust for your business. People are wary of scams these days and a business with a professional website plus an active social media presence is more likely to be trusted than one without.

The biggest tip for social media success is to create a personalised strategy that is built around your individual business goals and showcases your brand personality. You should also post consistently, engage with your audience through comments and interesting captions, and craft inspiring ads that push people to take action. For a personalised social media strategy, contact our team on 1300 663 995.

Most Australian adults spend between 1-2 hours on social media each day which is why it’s such a valuable resource for businesses to reach their target customers. You can spread your brand message on a platform that you know potential customers are using nearly every day.

Having consistent social media handles will help users recognise your brand instantly no matter which social media they are using. If your preferred handle is taken you can always add symbols such as a full stop or underscore, or numbers like the year of your establishment to create a unique name that’s still on brand.

This depends on which platform you are using and who your target audience is. Visually attractive content is very important whether you use Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn as your main social media. You should vary your content between photos, videos and sharing website content such as blogs to prevent your audience from getting bored with the same type of posts all the time.

Search engines like Google do not count social shares in their algorithms however, social media and SEO can be beneficial to each other. A large part of SEO is backlinks and the more brand awareness you can achieve through social media, the more likely you are to receive genuine links to your website content from people who recognise and enjoy your brand.

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